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Price Action Mentoring Programme

Make money trading Forex

Welcome to Price Action Traders Ireland. The Mentoring program was designed to help novice traders gain a solid foundation on how the Forex market lives and breathes. Like everything in life,

If you really want it, you have to work for it

And to master the Forex market it’s no different if you want to make money Forex trading you have to give it 100%. When you sign up to the mentoring program you enroll into an intense 3 session online course via a private webinar which usually lasts around 90 minutes. All sessions will be recorded and forwarded to each student for their personal viewing. This gives you a great advantage of being able to view the sessions over & over and will help as there may have been topics that you didn’t quite understand initially.

Students also need to be realistic with their expectations as a trader and realize that it takes time and patience to really understand the foreign exchange market never-mind make money trading Forex. However, this environment is ideal for learning and we relish your enthusiasm. Learn to Trade Forex & Foreign Currency today!

The more you put into learning, the more we will be able to help

Make Money Day Trading The Foreign Currency Markets
Being part of our unique forex trading course helps develop a solid approach to the foreign exchange markets, combining first class coaching and student enthusiasm, we want to help you generate serious returns in the most liquid market in the world. Our Forex trading course will teach you the following must have skills:
Understanding Price Action is vital if you want to succeed
Become an expert in defining Market Structure
Develop strong risk management rules and trading plan
Learn how to identify the major turning points in the market

Price Action Mentoring Programme Structure 


Learn to Trade Forex

Topics covered in Session 1

  • An introduction to the method of trading.
  • Market Structure ( Higher Time Frame Analysis).
  • Understanding Price Action, Supply & Demand and how the Institutions think.
  • How to gain an EDGE in our trading.





Topics covered in Session 2

  • Top Down Analysis-- Trading inline with the Higher Time Frames
  • Identifying the major turning points in the market.
  • How to use supply & demand zones to trade momentum.
  • How to draw supply & demand zones correctly.





Learn to trade Foreign Currency
Learn to Trade foreign Exchange

Topics covered in Session 3

  • Choosing the high probability zones.
  • Trading intra-day zones for fast moves.
  • Learn to  identify pace & Momentum on the lower time frames.
  • Timing our entry & exit, trade management.
  • Risk Management & Calculating your risk.





By the end of these 3 Sessions you should have a great understanding of Price Action, Momentum, Supply & Demand trading which will make trade selection so much easier.

Online group mentoring also available, please contact us for more details.

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