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Price Action Trading Course

Why was the Coach’s Corner created?

Getting access to the currency markets has never been easier and this has sparked massive interest from regular people who want to learn to trade forex & foreign exchange online. The Coach’s Corner was created after a lot thought and dialog with current members.

After members had complete their Mentoring programme and started to gain the vital knowledge required to trade the forex markets, we felt that a fortnightly webinar series would be a great addition to further their development as retail forex traders. This is where we introduce supply & demand trading. We want our members to start thinking like the big banks & Institutions, so learning to identify the levels the banks trade at giving us the edge in our trading. Learning the basics of supply & demand trading will put us on the right side of the market and benefit from the big market moves.

After experiencing first hand the common pitfalls a trader may endure when trading alone with no mentor or even someone to speak to, Darragh realised it was crucial that members had an opportunity to continue their learning in a safe and controlled environment.

So providing a service to help traders stay on track with their trading approach and avoid common pitfalls such as “Overtrading”, poor “risk management” and finally the “Psychological” challenges that trading presents was a no brainer. Our goal is to guide and help each student to learn to trade forex online with confidence and consistency.

Our aim is to help aspiring traders learn to trade forex online and build the foundations to trading consistency and Profitability.

Learn to trade Forex online

The Unique Advantages of The Coach’s Corner

  • The Primary objective of the Coach’s Corner is to reinforce what members learned during their mentoring program.
  • Provide an integrated approach to price action trading and help with understanding trading psychology, market environment and the most importantly understanding yourself, which plays a critical role in a traders development.
  • Participants will benefit from listening to members questions and issue’s members may have. This will help in their understanding of various topics and barriers that may be holding them back.
  • Learn to identify the key supply & demand trading zones and trade off these area’s.
  • A review of trades taken by Darragh and/or members, winners and losers will be explained in detail so members understand clearly.
  • By having fortnightly webinars participants will begin to absorb the information more quickly and this will fast track their development.
  • Members will also have access to the live trade recordings section, which are updated daily and are a great learning tool.

Are you on the right path?

If you are trading unsuccessfully now, obviously you’ll need to consider your plans going forward, and whether you will stay with what you’re doing, change…or quit. The fact that you’re looking at this probably means you’d like to get on to a profitable track, and we’d love nothing more than to help you. We’ve had great success in helping many, many traders.

Assuming you are intent on finding trading success, then consider the cost of continuing down the same losing path if that’s where you are at. Not just the financial cost, but more importantly…the psychological cost.

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