About Our Company

Laying the foundations to forex trading consistency

We Provide

  •  Online Forex trading training available 24/7. Members can login and access the material from the comfort of their own home at their own pace.
  • A Mentoring Programme where all sessions are recorded for each student and they receive a copy.
  •  12 months unlimited skype & email support from Darragh to answer any questions or issue's a member may have.
  •  A Community feel where members get access to our private Facebook page, here they can share idea's and potential trade opportunities.
  • An over the shoulder look at live trades as Darragh records his trades live and shows his actual trading account with entries, stop loss and exits. No other forex trading education service do this.

About the Founder

I started trading back in 2009 without really knowing what I was doing. I made every trading mistake known to man and my account was hit hard.

In 2010 Darragh attended and  graduated from the Irish Institute of Financial trading with an advanced Diploma in Financial trading. Darragh has to thank Mr Peter Brown of IIFT for giving him the confidence and solid base necessary to trade the forex markets. After finishing in IIFT, Darragh was introduced to another trader who eventually became his forex mentor, this is when he noticed the difference a mentor can have on a trader. Darragh excelled in this environment over the next few years and gradually started becoming more consistent which led to profitability.

His mission is to empower aspiring forex traders and give them the education & direction to build a solid foundation in a tailor made trading environment.

I believe that anyone can become a successful trader as long as their willing to learn, have the dedication, patience and a good mentor.

My philosophy

I believe that anybody can trade the forex markets with the correct forex trading training. I encourage students to trade from a simulator account until they have shown consistent results for several months and only then encourage a move onto a live trading account. Trading a live account is completely different to a simulator so a initial funds should be small ( no more than €1000). If consistency continues then increasing account capital would be encouraged within reason.



Remember trading is a marathon not a sprint, it’s about accumulation wealth over time!. If you think this is a get rich quick scheme, then this Forex trading training is not for you.

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