Questions about our forex training services

Why was Price Action Traders Ireland setup?

We were created to help aspiring retail traders achieve their goals and give them the tools necessary to succeed in this demanding industry. Becoming a risk manager is the first goal we aim for as this is crucial in keeping your capital in your account. Being able to recognise high probability setups with low risk momentum setups is the next stage.

What is so great about trading Price action and momentum and the techniques you teach?

In our opinion trading price action & momentum is the most logical and consistent way to beat the market. First and foremost we are Risk Managers and manage our risk impeccably observing price action closely at all times. We then use techniques that help us identify when the Banks and Financial Institutions are not only moving the market, but when there is pace and immediate momentum present. The Slingshot and MOF patterns allow us to enter the market with precision, thus giving us the ability to have extremely small stops and a great risk-to-reward ratio.

What makes this currency trading training different from the others?

Firstly you can sign up to the mentoring program where you will have direct contact with Darragh with the 3 online sessions. You get to peak over the shoulder of a profitable trader as he takes trades and ┬álearn by watching hundreds of live trades in the live trade video vault. Lastly you have the option of subscribing to the Coach’s Corner, a fortnightly webinar series designed to aid traders that have went through the mentoring program and further develop their trading skills.

I have no or limited knowledge of the forex markets. Is this training suitable for me?

Darragh will hold an informal chat with you over Skype or a similar platform. The main criteria for inclusion to Price Action Traders is that you are committed and willing to put the hours of study in to become a profitable trader. If you are completely new to forex trading you will probably need the mentoring program and start at the beginning.

What time will the Coach's corner begin at?

This all depends with the members, as a lot of students work during the day, an evening start would probably suit better.

What if I sign up but can't attend the coach's corner every time?

This is no problem. Send Darragh any questions you would like answered and he will address them in the webinar. You can then view the course material at your convenience and whenever your schedule permits. You can study the webinars and video tutorials anytime you like over and over again..

Is there a best time to trade the Slingshot and MOF setups?

As we are Momentum Traders it makes perfect sense that the optimum times to trade the Slingshot and MOF setups are around the London, New York and Asia opens. This is when volatility is at it’s highest and it is that type of environment that offers fantastic trading opportunities.

What pairs can I trade Slingshot and MOFS on?

At some stage all pairs will trend and show momentum. Therefore, you can trade these setups on any pair.

Price Action Mentoring

Price Action Mentoring


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