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 Affordable Online Currency Trading Training Course


Welcome to Price Action Traders Ireland. We are a company based in Monaghan and provide affordable online currency trading training in Ireland. Forex trading has become hugely popular recently as access to the currency markets have become easier for retail traders. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced trader trying to turn that corner, this online Forex mentoring course will provide you with the route to finding trading consistency and profitability.

To master the currency markets a trader needs to develop an understanding of Price Action & learn to identify the major turning points in the market. This is where our flagship Mentoring Program comes into it's own, the 3 online mentoring sessions deliver a structured and controlled environment for students to gain a solid understanding of price action, market manipulation and how the big banks and Institutions trade the market by taking advantage of the retail trader. We will teach you to start thinking like the Institutions and how to get on the right side of the market.

Earn Money with our Forex Trading Course 

Being an affordable online currency trading training service, providing mentoring for people interested in foreign exchange in Ireland means location has no restrictions. However we only accept students that are willing to learn and have realistic expectations, this is not a get rich quick trading course and is only for serious and determined aspiring traders. If you are determined and willing to commit to trading then this is the group for you! Sign up for our forex trading course today and start earning money. 

Online Forex Mentoring

Ideal for novice traders with little experience, this 1 on 1 online Forex mentoring will fast track the learning process and all sessions are recorded for future viewing.

Online Currency Trading Training

Start making money online trading the forex markets NOW!

Access Live Trade Recordings

As a member you get access to a library of live trade recordings, where actual trading account is visible showing entry,stop-loss,exits and live commentary throughout the trade.

Make Money Day Trading The Foreign Currency Markets

Being part of our unique forex trading course helps develop a solid approach to the foreign exchange markets, combining first class coaching and student enthusiasm, we want to help you generate serious returns in the most liquid market in the world. Our Forex trading course will teach you the following must have skills:

Understanding Price Action is vital if you want to succeed

Become an expert in defining Market Structure

Develop strong risk management rules and trading plan

Learn how to identify the major turning points in the market



Gary Dunne, Fermanagh


Great course and worth every cent. I used to jump from system to system when I lost a trade and never give it a chance. But after speaking to Darragh he outlined the structure of the mentoring program, I was confident this was the course for me. Looking forward to the next few months and getting some consistency in my trading

John McGovern, Cavan

I had been trading for 6 yrs with little success then I came across I finished the course a few weeks ago and have started to see the improvements already. Before I never used a stop-loss while trading, this is the "Cardinal sin" in trading and the reason my account was being eroded. My understanding of the markets is a lot clearer now and how I read price action. Definitely a worth well course for anybody aspiring to be a trader. The live trade recordings are very helpful as they help you understand how darragh thinks during the trading day.

Finbarr Collins, Cork

I finished my course with darragh last week.I have done a few day trading courses before and this is by far the best.Looking forward to trading with confidence.

Kelly Gibbons, Donegal

I recently completed my mentoring sessions with Darragh and have to thank him for giving me the confidence and the tools to trade the forex markets. I had spent a lot of money on other trading courses, but this course is head and shoulder above any of them. My understanding of Price action and Momentum has truly soared and I am extremely grateful.

Stephen Rushe, Monaghan

Being a successful business man, I understand the beauty of simplicity and minimization which I believe is at the core of your approach to trading and is one that I aspire to fully absorb and implement. Thanks a million for all your help.

Michael M, Dublin

What Darragh teaches you are his tried and tested price action trading methods and he covers all the information you need to help you become a consistent trader within the course. The course is one-to-one and straight to the point, no waffle, just how to make money as a momentum trader trading the markets. Thanks to Darragh I've learned allot in the last few of months. It does take some concerted effort to understand and it takes a while for your eyes to take in what the charts are telling you and how it relates to the trading methods Darragh teaches but I firmly believe I’m on the right track to wrestling trading to the ground now.